Live Fire Training

53-ft Container Fire Simulator ST-PRO

The 53-ft Container Fire Simulator ST-PRO Training Unit delivers unparalleled ruggedness and durability. Its interior layouts provide varied scenarios and attack angles that do not resemble typical container interiors. The training units is expandable over time and it is relocatable. All openings are fully reinforced with our heavy-duty steel framing system and include flashing for a clean finish. Premium ST-PRO features such as bar grating roof decks, non-skid steel floors, and our 2,300° F thermal lining system ensure your investment stands the test of time.

Live fire and non-burn units are available. Fires can be fueled by Class “A,” Propane, or Natural Gas. Our 70,000 cfm Smoke Generation System ensures maximum obscuration for search and rescue training. All training units are fully compliant with NFPA 1402 and OSHA guidelines. Standard and fully custom designs are available. An extensive options list is available upon request.

The 53-ft Container Fire Simulator ST-PRO system incorporates the following standard features:

  • Bar Grating Roof Decks
  • Non-Skid Steel Floors
  • 2,300° F Thermal Lining System
  • Dual 70,000 cfm Smoke Generation Systems
  • Fixed Walls
  • Movable Walls
  • Forcible Entry
  • Lock Cutting Prop
  • Basement Staircase
  • Standpipe/Dry High-Rise Connection
  • Confined Space Hatches (“Nance” Drill)
  • Window Bailout Prop
  • Multiple Live Fire Scenarios
  • Temperature Monitoring & Recording

Container Fire Simulator ST/ST-PRO units enable training fire rescue, suppression, recognition of rollover conditions, thermal layering, smoke reading, and much more. Projects begin with a needs assessment. While we recommend new/1-way ISO containers and the premium ST-PRO features, we are flexible in meeting your project needs and budget.

All Symtech Live Fire Simulators are designed in accordance with NFPA 1402, Standard on Facilities for Fire Training and Associated Props.

Systems include an industry standard warranty and operation and maintenance (O&M) training.

Optional equipment and features include:

  • Pitched and Flat Roof Props w/ Chop-out
  • Multi-Use Rappell Station
  • “Denver” Drill Window
  • Basement Bailout Window
  • Swinging Walls
  • Confined Space Maze
  • Wall Breach Prop
  • Roof Shoring Prop
  • Sprinkler System
  • Galvanized Roof Decks and Railings
  • Commercial Forcible Entry Cutting Prop
  • Varied Angle Rebar Cutting Prop
  • Marine Features (QAWTD, marine scuttle, etc.)
  • And many more standard and custom options

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