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We offer cutting-edge Live Fire Simulation Technology on-time and under budget. Meeting and exceeding your training needs is our Primary Mission. Delivering meaningful value is our Passion.

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Symtech specializes in live fire simulation technologies utilizing environmentally friendly propane and natural gas. Our Live Fire Simulator Technology is fully compliant with the NFPA 1402 Standard on Facilities for Fire Training and Associated Props. In addition to our LPG-fueled structural live fire training systems, we offer a full complement of Outdoor & Industrial Fire Simulators, Hazmat Trainers, ARFF, Mobile Trainers, Flashover Trainers, and Fire Behavior Labs. Our service team has the expertise to service both our installations, as well as competitive installations. We also provide annual NFPA 1402 inspections for Symtech or competitive equipment.
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    Symtech is committed to the safety of system operators and trainees alike. Our systems are fully compliant with NFPA 1402, which became a standard (rather than a guide) beginning in 2019. Unlike older systems, our offerings are designed from the ground up with this new Standard in mind. We utilize the highest quality components available including pilot and main burners systems, valves, and electronics.

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    We are committed to delivering training realism with thermal output, flame sizes, flame variability, and smoke output that leads the fire training systems industry. Environmentally friendly propane and natural gas (indoors only) alleviate environmental concerns, while delivering consistent training fires at the push of a button.

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    Within the parameters of the NFPA 1402 Standard, Symtech provides our customers with the customization and flexibility options they desire. This is imperative to addressing unique challenges that vary from department to department and within SOP’s domestically and abroad. We pride ourselves in delivering timely custom solutions on-time and under budget.

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