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The benefits of retrofitting older burn buildings, industrial platforms, ARFF facilities, and outdoor fire training props with modern control technology are numerous. Our NFPA compliant control systems include a multitude of safety features, including monitored and interlocked flame pilot systems. Wireless controls allow instructors and ignition officers to stay safely away from the point of ignition by eliminating faulty spark igniters and/or the need for a wand or torch.

Examples of typical retrofits include the following:

  • Control System / Igniter Retrofit
  • Fire Prop / Mockup Addition
  • Smoke System Addition
  • Thermal Liner Additions
  • Wireless Remote Upgrade
  • NFPA Compliance Update

Retrofits typically start with a field inspection. Once completed, we can propose a menu of options to not only keep your training program running, but also to drastically improve safety and training unit longevity.

Count on us to deliver a solution that is tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us today to get started!

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