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1402 Inspections

NFPA 1402 Inspection, Inspection Report, NFPA Annual Inspection

Maintenance, testing, and inspection is required on an on-going basis, per NFPA 1402. Inspections are critical for any facility that is continuously exposed to water and the abuse inherent in hands-on training exercises. Inspections ensure longevity of the equipment and safety of both trainers and trainees alike.

Our inspection reports typically include the following:

  • Prop and System Integrity Report
  • Mockup Inspection for Deformation
  • Pilot/Ignition System Tests Results
  • Main Burner/Burner Management Test Results
  • Emergency Stop System Review
  • Review of Set Points for Safety Interlocks
  • Review of Over-Pressure Relief Devices
  • Components Review to Ensure Installation per OEM Recommendations
  • Leak Inspection for all Gas Supply Piping
  • Smoke Distribution System Review
  • NFPA 1402 Compliance Report
  • System Maintenance / Upgrade Recommendations

Interior system inspections include the following additional items:

  • Exhaust/ventilation system
  • Gas detection system
  • High temperature limit system

The required frequency for inspections is annually at a minimum.

Symtech can inspect, upgrade, and maintain live fire training equipment regardless of the OEM.

We can also incorporate structural inspections for burn buildings and other facilities. Contact us for additional details and for support with all of your training facility inspection needs!

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