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Fire Training Tower
Fire Training Tower
Fire Training Tower

Pre-Engineered Steel Training Towers provide an economical, long-lasting alternative to traditional masonry construction. They provide conditions similar to actual fire calls, including searing heat, smoke filled halls and rooms, and multiple floors where victims may be in need of rescue.

A properly equipped tower provides this environment, but in a controlled fashion, with advanced heat monitoring systems to alert training officers to excessive heat, and an available smoke evacuation system to quickly cool and clear the structure if needed.

Fire Facilities Training Tower models range from single story to high rise and provide realistic training for a variety of exercises, including:

  • Hose advancement
  • Fire attack
  • Ventilation
  • Search and rescue
  • Laddering and rappelling
  • Roof penetration
  • Confined space exercises
  • High-angle rescue operations
  • Other specialized training simulations such as helicopter deployment

All Fire Facilities Training Towers are equipped with:

  • Live fire burn room lined with the Westec® Insulation System
  • Scout Temperature Monitoring System
  • Roof chop-out curb
  • Interior stairs and doors
  • Window openings with galvanized steel shutters
  • Architecturally pleasing metal siding

All Fire Facilities Training Towers are designed in accordance with NFPA 1402, Standard on Facilities for Fire Training and Associated Props.

Optional LPG Gas Prop Equipment is available to enhance training and increase student throughput. Fully integrated infrastructure designs and seamless incorporation of necessary make-up air and ventilation aspects ensures NFPA compliance and maximum system performance.

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