Fire Facilities and Symtech Lauch Strategic Relationship

SUN PRAIRIE, WI – Fire Facilities, Inc., a leading manufacturer of USA-made steel fire training structures, has entered into a strategic relationship with Symtech, manufacturer of live fire simulation technology. As part of the strategic relationship, Symtech is the preferred supplier of Class B gas props (both natural gas and propane gas) for training structures manufactured by Fire Facilities.

All Fire Facilities structures come with a Class A burn room, burn props or cribs that use wood or hay for combustion. Purchasing agencies also have the option to include fully integrated Class B props, which traditionally burn cleaner, ease environmental concerns, produce high output non-toxic smoke, and dramatically increase student throughput and fire ground efficiency.

            “There are trade-offs between Class A and Class B props,” says Aaron Adams, president of Fire Facilities, Inc. “Class A props provide more realistic smoke conditions and thermal layering, similar to what firefighters experience in real life situations. However, Class B props offer controlled fuel loading, fires at the push of a button, and readily available horizontal and vertical fire extension scenarios, along with dramatic burn room and hallway rollover scenarios.

            “Once you extinguish a Class A prop, that unit needs to be cleaned out and dried off before it can be used again. With a Class B prop, you simply push a button to reactivate the computer-controlled fires and quickly send the next crew in to continue training. You can train more people in less time. There are advantages to both systems and Symtech’s technology also enables combination buildings.”

            With the new partnership, Symtech teams with Fire Facilities to support its customers with training structure floorplans and facility and site infrastructure requirements. Symtech consults with facility owners in the selection of Class B gas props, including addressing items such as flame progression, spread and flow path. Symtech’s systems are fully compliant with NFPA 1402 – Standard on Facilities for Fire Training & Associated Props. Symtech’s engineering team is involved in the function and safety of these products, including working with the on-site licensed subcontractors who install the Symtech simulators in the Fire Facilities structures.

Projects Ramping Up

            There are Fire Facilities structures that use both Class A and Class B props strategically in the same training tower. An upcoming facility in Bentonville, Ark., will use Class A props, plus multiple Class B burn rooms, as well as a unique 3-in-1 scenario that enables an interior garage propane car prop that can also be burned outdoors, or an industrial storage rack on casters can be rolled into the garage to create a warehouse loading bay scenario. This is the type of value-engineering that Fire Facilities and Symtech bring to projects to enable more training value for the same budget. The same structure will have an integrated waterproof sound generation system with 10 speakers to enhance realism of the fires and enable more realistic search and rescue training.

            “Our company has worked closely with Fire Facilities for several years, so we’re excited about strengthening the relationship with this partnership,” says Paul Ellis, project development manager for Symtech. “There’s a Fire Facilities training facility project we’re working on for the Maine Maritime Academy that will be ready early in 2023. It includes a two-story ship’s engine room with engine and flange fires, a galley fire with grease fire effect, and a state room prop with ceiling rollover. The realism of this shipboard training center will make it extremely valuable to every student training in this facility.”

            Based in N.J., Symtech manufactures interior and exterior gas simulators, HAZMAT, aircraft and mobile simulators. The company specializes in realistic, NFPA-compliant live fire technology props and simulators.

            Fire Facilities, Inc. (FFI), an ISFSI corporate sponsor, manufactures a full line of steel fire training structures engineered to withstand real-life firefighting conditions. From mobile units to burn rooms to high-rise towers, FFI training models are available in a multitude of configurations. FFI’s parent company, Trachte Building Systems, is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of steel self-storage systems in the industry.  For more information on FFI, visit or call 800-929-3726.


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