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Smoke Generators

Smoke Generators

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Quality smoke generation can add an additional level of realism to live fire training scenarios. Smoke is optional with most Outdoor Simulators and it is available with all Container Facilities.

Our high output smoke generators provide up to 70,000 cfm output.

Our smoke generation systems provide the following advantages:

  • High Density Level
  • Extended Hang-Time
  • Reduced Residue
  • Non-Toxic – All Ingredients 100% FDA Approved
  • Non-Flammable, Odorless, Non-Irritating

We also offer standalone smoke generation equipment for use in a building or on a fire ground. A variety of options are available from portable to fixed, as well as fully programmable systems.

When added to an interior gas prop, smoke is controlled wirelessly from the same remote as all training fires.  For exterior applications, a dedicated Wireless Remote is supplied for smoke on demand. In all cases, smoke can be run independently or in conjunction with training fires.

Smoke fluid is available in the following container sizes: 1 liter, 5-gallon, or 55-gallon drum.

All smoke fluid is glycol/water-based.

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