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Interchangeable Burn Prop LPG
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The Interchangeable Fire Simulator ST is the perfect solution for agencies looking to maximize their budget. The Fixed Burn Prop Platform interfaces with more than a dozen interchangeable prop mockups (facades), allowing instructors to quickly change burn room scenarios between Class A, B, C, and K fire types.

Available Interchangeable Prop Mockup Options include:

  • Stove/Galley Fire Prop
  • Twin Bed Fire Prop
  • Living Room Sofa (Couch) Fire Prop
  • Entertainment Center Fire Prop
  • Bookcase Fire Prop
  • Industrial Storage Shelf Fire Prop
  • Gas Bottles Fire Prop
  • Hazmat Drums Fire Prop
  • Split Flange Fire Prop
  • Clothes Washer/Dryer Fire Prop
  • Boiler Water Heater Fire Prop
  • Christmas Tree Fire Prop

The system includes variable flame control, integrated smoke generation, and premium NFPA-compliant safety systems. Interchangeable Fire Simulator ST burn prop mockups are constructed of durable heavy-gauge steel ensuring extended prop life. All fires include an integrated monitored and interlocked flame pilot ignition system. Wireless controls enable seamless control of fires, smoke and optional effects such as a dramatic ceiling rollover. Variable flame range puts control of fire dynamics in the palm of your hand. All burners are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and all components are approved and designed for the environment.

The Interchangeable Fire Simulator ST is cost-effective and versatile. It delivers 4,500,000 btu/hr for each training fire with unburned gas, temperature and ventilation all monitored and controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) enabling you to focus on training!

All Symtech Live Fire Simulators are fully compliant with NFPA 1402, Standard on Facilities for Fire Training and Associated Props.

The system includes an industry standard warranty and operation and maintenance (O&M) training.

Optional equipment includes a ceiling rollover, flare-up effect, and sound generator.

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