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FL&G Fire Simulator ST

Hoseline Fire Simulator ST

Symtech’s FL&G Flammable Liquids & Gas Fire Simulator ST is the perfect solution to take your flammable liquids and gas training program on the road.  The high-quality enclosed trailer includes multiple fire scenarios including:

  • Hoseline Fire Simulator ST
  • Split Flange Fire Simulator ST
  • Gas Meter Fire Simulator ST
  • Propane Cylinder Fire Simulator ST
  • Christmas Tree Fire Simulator ST

The 16′ enclosed trailer includes the following standard equipment:

  • Low Profile Ramps
  • Electric Winch
  • “L” Angle Track for Unloading Props
  • 12V Battery with Solar Charger
  • (2) DOT-Compliant 120-Gal Propane Tanks
  • Ventilated Propane/Storage Compartment
  • Adjustable Tie-Down System
  • (4) Stabilizing Jacks (all corners)
  • Manual Tongue Jack
  • Spare Tire
  • Choice of Color Plus (2) 36” Department Logos

The Symtech 24-ft Vehicle Hauler is DOT-compliant and it is self-sufficient with on-board propane and solar power generation.

Symtech’s FL&G Fire Simulator ST trailer can be extended to 28-ft (or more) to accommodate one of our Car Fire Simulators or to allow for simultaneous transport of an even larger array of Outdoor Simulators. Custom length trailers are available to suit both your project needs and towing capabilities.

Optional props include:

  • 250-Gal LPG Tank Simulator ST
  • BBQ Grill Fire Simulator ST
  • Electric Motor Fire Simulator ST
  • Electrical Transformer Fire Simulator ST
  • Paint Locker Fire Simulator ST
  • Stove Top Range Fire Simulator ST
  • 100 Sq. Ft. Fuel Spill Simulator ST
  • A/B/C/K Interchangeable Props Kit
  • Car Fire Simulator ST
  • Car Fire Simulator ST-PRO

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NFPA Compliant
60,000,000+ BTU/hr
Variable Flame Height
Wireless Controls

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