Hazmat Training

16-ft Hazmat Rollover Tanker ST/ST-PRO

Rollover Tanker Simulator

The Hazmat Rollover Tanker ST and ST-PRO deliver unparalleled design elegance, ease of setup, and durability. Perfectly counter-balanced, the Tanker can be unpinned and rolled for training at 90°, 45° and 0 degree by a single Instructor. The Tanker includes changeable double-walled steel jackets to simulate a variety of flammable liquid leaks. Rooftop mounted Chlorine and MC-306/DOT-406 domes provide additional training opportunities. All leaks are created using a varied combination of compressed air and/or water.

The Tanker can be used on grade or on the optional Vehicle Hauler for training at different heights using a castor and winch system for easy loading and off-loading.

The ST-PRO model offers a number of advanced features to take training to the next level including:

  • Grounding and Bonding Simulation
  • Hot/Cold Tapping Drills
  • Betts 4″ Emergency Valve
  • Integrated 70,000 cfm Smoke Generation

Rollover Tanker ST and ST-PRO models feature an internal super-structure and stainless steel exterior. This means they can survive the harshest environments and training exercises. Mill and polished finishes are available.

ST and ST-PRO models are available with and without the Optional 24-ft Vehicle Hauler. The Rollover Tanker includes steel casters for portability, but it can also be permanently mounted to the trailer, on footings, or to an elevated platform if portability is not desired.

All Symtech non-burn simulators are fully compliant with OSHA. Optional Live Fire Simulators are fully compliant with NFPA 1402, Standard on Facilities for Fire Training and Associated Props.

The system includes an industry standard warranty and operation and maintenance (O&M) training.

Optional equipment includes a Fuel Spill Live Fire Simulator, Split Flange Fire Simulator, smoke generation system, pipe leak array simulator, breathing air cascade system, pneumatic air compressor, vinyl graphics package, portable power generator, chlorine one-ton training end, 150 lb. chlorine training cylinder, chlorine a/b/c kits, and a full array of individual live fire props.

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